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8 Jun 2022
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Flexible User License (Cloud) - New Version Released!

New features have been added for administrator in this update. In Data Center version, user management was handled automatically without the need for extra work by the Atlassian administrator, but Cloud version required manual work by the administrator. This update will improve the significant convenience and visibility of Atlassian administrators through a user list query function, license group sorting function, etc.

1. Lookup for User Group as a Whole

The entire user group could not be inquired previously, but only the user group could be inquired. But now, it is possible to view the entire user group. You can now see the current status of your users at a glance!


2. Query Recently Removed User Lists from License Groups via Scheduler

You don't have to try to recall who was recently removed from your license! Users unassigned from the license group based on the scheduler can be easily viewed and sorted by Atlassian administrator. You can view recently unassigned users at once and reactivate users by adding them to a single license group.


3. License Group Sorting Function

Sort the users assigned to the license group and the unassigned users, and look up the license group at a glance!


4. Add and Remove Bulk Users to License Groups

You can easily assign the license to the user with one click. You can add or delete users to a license group in a lump, so you don't have to add users to the license group one by one.

Check out the new version now!

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