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31 Oct 2023
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Safeguard Your Team Password Management with Vault Password Manager

Author: Anton Storozhuk, CEO at Alpha Serve

Secure team password management is a joint challenge teams encounter. In our current lightning-fast digital nature, safeguarding sensitive information is crucial for teams, and effective password management is critical in achieving this goal. Vault - Password Manager provides a team-oriented solution explicitly developed for Jira users. The app ensures security by providing an encrypted environment for storing and managing passwords, boosting team members' collaboration by allowing Jira users to access and share passwords easily. 

The article promotes efficient and secure password management practices for agile teams. It analyzes the relevance of password management for teams and the challenges they encounter in securely storing, sharing, and managing passwords. It also introduces Vault - Password Manager with step-by-step guidelines.

Challenges of Team Password Management

Jira has gained popularity for its effectiveness in promoting seamless collaboration among users. Securely managing and sharing credential information within the Jira platform is a critical concern for its users. Creating and preserving robust and distinctive passwords is a considerable difficulty, given that weak or repeating passwords can result in unauthorized entry and potential security violations. Inadequate password management can lead to severe consequences such as stealing sensitive information, financial loss, and reputational harm. The security of sensitive data in Jira can be ensured by first creating and maintaining strong and unique passwords. It helps reduce the risk of outsider access and potential security breaches.

Effective access control is a crucial aspect for Jira users, in addition to having strong passwords. Implementing access control based on roles in Jira enables teams to limit access to pertinent information, thereby mitigating the possibility of unauthorized usage and possible security attacks. Insufficient access control measures can lead to the exposure of essential project data to unapproved users, putting data integrity at risk and increasing the likelihood of incidents involving data. Granting access rights to team members involves carefully evaluating their roles and responsibilities to guarantee appropriate access.

Data thefts have begun to cause significant financial losses for organizations. Handling multiple passwords throughout different accounts and platforms poses a considerable challenge. The hassle of managing various credentials can lead teams to resort to insecure storage methods or the reuse of passwords. It raises the susceptibility of team accounts and amplifies the possibility of unauthorized entry, which could result in the exposure of confidential information. It is recommended to take steps to reduce possible hazards by implementing best practices for effective team password management and improving cybersecurity.

Best Practices for Effective Team Password Management

Effective team password management is crucial for maintaining the security and confidentiality of confidential information. It is essential to implement best practices for this purpose to ensure that the team's passwords are managed in the most effective way possible. 

Implement Password Encryption 

Even if cybercriminals compromise credentials, password encryption gives extra security to protect passwords. Use non-reversible end-to-end encryption techniques to ensure password security while being transmitted via networks. This procedure improves the total security of sensitive password information.

Apply Role-Based Access Control

A way to manage varying levels of access for other users is an essential requirement. Access to accounts and resources should be granted on a need-to-know basis, with each team member only having access to the accounts and resources needed to complete their tasks. It should be done whenever team members change jobs or depart the company to ensure that only authorized individuals may access critical information. It's best to restrict access to systems and lead to what's needed for work. Regularly checking and changing access permissions is essential for data security. 

Use Strong and Unique Passwords

Promoting using intricate, distinctive, and challenging-to-predict passwords among team members is advisable. It is better to use a digitally produced combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. It is because such passwords are more difficult to guess or crack and therefore provide higher security. Do not rely on using passwords that are either standard or easily guessable. One possible solution to ensure secure passwords for team members is to utilize a trustworthy password manager to create and store passwords securely

Use a Password Manager

One effective way to ensure the security of your passwords is to use a reliable password manager tool such as Vault Password Manager. This tool allows you to store, manage and share your passwords securely. Sharing passwords through unencrypted channels or keeping them in easily accessible locations is considered insecure. Password managers eliminate the risks of unsecured password sharings. It protects your passwords using encryption methods, ensuring they are kept secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users.

What is Vault Password Manager

The Vault Password Manager is a software tool developed to adjust to Jira team password manager requirements. It is designed to be robust and secure, protecting sensitive information within the Jira environment. The vault is a dedicated space within the application where users can conveniently add, view, and manage their stored items. Jira users can create as many Personal or Shared Vaults as required with Vault Password Manager. Personal Vaults securely store and manage credentials to protect sensitive data. It protects data and restricts access to authorized users. Jira's Shared Vaults functionality lets users easily collaborate by sharing login information. 

The application provides many features, such as generating passwords, securely sharing them, and managing password expiration. The implementation of AES-256-bit encryption is aimed at achieving comprehensive security, as it is considered one of the most secure forms of encryption available. The application highly emphasizes safeguarding user data using advanced encryption and hashing algorithms. It is achieved by implementing various security measures while allowing online accessibility and synchronization through cloud-based technology. Using locally-generated, one-way salted hashes and local-only encryption provides users with hyper-security and a high assurance that their information will not be compromised.

Nevertheless, the Vault Password Manager app for Jira offers user-friendly navigation and search features that enable teams of any size to locate and access the necessary credentials efficiently. It is the best password manager for teams as it handles access rights for Jira users based on their roles. Administrators can establish and control each user's application access level, ensuring that users only have access to data and characteristics necessary for carrying out their duties. External tools are unnecessary, and the risks associated with unsecured password sharing through unsecured channels are minimized. 

How to Manage Passwords Using Vault Passwords Manager 

As you embrace Vault Password Manager's intuitive interface and potent features, get ready to take your password management routine to new heights. But first, ensure you have Jira Administrator permissions before continuing with the instructions. 

Step 1: Install Vault Passwords Manager on Your Jira Instance 

Navigate to the Jira Administration tab's Manage Apps section. You will be sent to the section marked "Find new apps." The app can be found in the search results by inserting "VAULT Password Manager" into the search field. If you complete the standard client installation process, the application will be immediately installed on your Jira instance. You may also install VAULT Password Manager directly from the app's product page on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Step 2: Create Vault Account and Personal Password

Easily access Vault Password Manager through the Jira main navigation menu by selecting Apps, then Vault Password Manager. Create an account first before using any of Vault Password Manager's features. To grant the app access to your Atlassian account, click the Accept button.

You will be directly taken to the Welcome page, where you must set up your Vault account password after accepting the offer. This password gives your Jira account an extra layer of security and enables you to unlock and decrypt content inside the app. To continue with the password generation process, click Next.

Ensure your password is strong, distinct, and has at least 8 characters when creating it. To continue, Confirm your password and click Next. You can be sure that your password is entirely private and secure because Vault Password Manager cannot access it.

If you forget your password, a recovery key is a 44-character code produced randomly. Vault Password Manager optionally uses a recovery key to secure account sign-in. Click DOWNLOAD to save the autogenerated Recovery Key as a PDF.

Step 3: Sign In with a Personal Password to the Vault Account 

Go to the Jira main navigation menu and pick "Apps." Select "Vault Password Manager" from the list of available apps. Enter the password for your Vault account. Select "SIGN IN" from the menu.

The Recovery Key will be automatically retrieved if you are logging in from the same device where it was previously saved. Upon successful sign-in, you will be redirected to the Vaults Dashboard page, providing an overview of all your Vaults in one place. You can easily access and manage your Vaults and their contents from this page. 

Step 4: Create, Share and Manage Vaults 

In Vault Password Manager, you can set permissions for different users to control their access and actions within Vaults. The following permissions are available:

  1. View: Users with this permission can view items stored in the Vault.

  2. View&Edit: Users with this permission can create, edit, delete, and export items in the Vault.

  3. Full: Users with this permission have full control over the Vault, including granting and removing access

  • Create New Vault in Vault Password Manager 

To create a new Vault in Vault Password Manager, navigate to the Vault Dashboard and click the "+ Create New Vault" button. Enter the Vault Name and Description, then click "Create Vault."

  • Add New Credentials to Vault 

To add new credentials to a Vault in Vault Password Manager, you must have "View&Edit" or "Full" permission. Go to the Vaults Dashboard and click the Gear icon next to the desired Vault. It will take you to the Vault details page, where you can Edit Vault Details, ShareVault, or Delete Vault. Click on "Edit details" to update the name, icon, and description, then click "UPDATE VAULT" to save the changes.

  • Set Roles and Share Vault 

To share a Vault in Vault Password Manager, you need "Full" permission on it. Click "Share to People" and search for the Jira users you want to add whom you can search by their name or email. Set permissions for each User (Allow View, Allow Editing, or Allow Managing). Click "Share (Vault name)" to confirm sharing the Vault with the selected Jira Users.

The best way to share passwords with team is to click "Share to Group" and search for the Group you want to add, then set permissions for each Group (Allow View, Allow Editing, or Allow Managing) and push the Close icon. Click "Share (Vault name)" to confirm sharing the Vault with the selected Groups.

To edit permissions for a User or Group in Vault Password Manager, click the Gear icon next to the corresponding User or Group. Select one of the available options: Allow View, Allow Editing, or Allow Managing. To restrict Vault access, press "Remove from this vault."

  • Create New Items 

To create an Item in Vault Password Manager, you need "View&Edit" or "Full" permission in the Vault. Open the Vault, click "+ New Item," select the item type (Login, Password, Credit Card, Secure Note, Bank Account, API Credentials, Software License, Email Account, Database, SSH Key, Wireless Router), fill out the required fields, and click "Save Login."

  • Edit New Items 

Select the desired Item and click the Edit button. Please make the necessary edits and click Save to confirm the changes or Cancel to discard them. To delete an item, click the three dots icon and choose Delete record.



Protecting confidential data requires strong team password management. Controlling access levels, enforcing secure passwords, ensuring uniqueness, and prioritizing scalability and usability can significantly improve password security. Exploring Vault- Password Manager is suggested to simplify and streamline password management. It is an enterprise-grade password management app for Jira that provides a secure and efficient solution for storing, managing, and sharing passwords. It offers robust features, encryption capabilities, and a user-friendly interface to ensure the safety and accessibility of passwords and safeguard sensitive information within Jira.

image credit : Vault Password Manager | Atlassian Marketplace 

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