Success Stories[Customer Interview] How are global companies saving Atlassian costs?

25 Jun 2024
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How are global companies saving Atlassian costs?
It is obvious that teams work faster, smarter, and stronger together on Atlassian Cloud. It drives the inspired collaboration and improves the ability to decision making, productivity. Cloud has a cost saving impact because of the offsets of hardware in the long-term. But administrators and decision makers, C-levels want to see immediate cost savings.

Check out how global companies are saving Atlassian costs by using Flexible User LicenseIt helps reduce the budgets and increase efficiency with automated license management! License Calculate shows you how much you can reduce your costs!  

๐Ÿ’ช The power of Flexible User License

+5,000 seats

Flexible User License helps us manage growth beyond our current total license count until we reach a point. We have 3,000 user tier license and it covers 3,500 planned users

34% costs↓

We saved about 34% of the cost in Jira and were able to respond quickly to the increase in the number of users without purchasing additional licenses

Atlassian pricing is based on user tiers, so there may be a gap with actual users. Based on your current license tiers and the number of actual users, we suggest an Atlassian tier optimized for your organization and the cost you can save. License Calculate shows you how much you can reduce your costs!  

๐ŸŒŸ Global enterprises trust our app
How Do Companies Benefit from a 'Flexible User License'? Watch this interview video to find out why our app is a must-have for your business.
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