Success Stories[LG Household & Health Care] How to optimize work and reduce IT costs for digital transformation

19 Apr 2022
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To create business opportunities and increase competitiveness, many companies are actively pursuing digital transformation, not just in their IT organizations, but in most departments, it takes multiple departments to work together to achieve smooth digital transformation.

As IT resources grow to support digital transformation environments, 'cost reduction' is one of the common concerns of all companies.

In this posting, I would like to introduce how LG Household & Health Care, a leading global life and culture company, is using Atlassian Jira, Confluence, and the Atlassian marketplace app – Flexible User License to optimize work and reduce IT costs at the same time.

Challenge : Difficulties in managing multiple departments and increasing IT costs

For most organizations, the core competitive edge is the collaborative capability of different departments for company goals. In the case of large global companies, the number of stakeholders is increasing and the complexity is high. The life cycle of products and services is getting shorter and personalized options are also increasing to meet a wide range of customer needs.

These tasks often take several months to manage because of the large number of workplaces and departments involved, dependence is influential, and external cooperation, including regulations. Business processes are bound to be complex and the number of cases increases significantly.

Since LG Household & Health Care operates not only domestic but also global businesses, the number of related businesses and departments was large and highly dependent. In addition, to meet increasingly personalized customer needs, the life cycle of products and services continues to be shortened, forcing the business process to be complex and affecting the development cycle of new products.

One of the biggest difficulties facing LG Household & Health Care was that it was not easy to grasp the overall progress of the work. To solve these issues, they had to seriously consider the increasing overall cost of IT in adapting IT solutions.

Solution : Optimize complex tasks and flexibly respond to growing the number of users

To meet the challenges of LG Household & Health Care who want to reduce IT management costs while optimizing the collaboration work to achieve the goals, Open Source Consulting provided a solution in three major phases.

First, we provided consulting services to understand and improve the customer's work.

Second, we built Jira, Confluence system to implement optimized business processes.

The third was to provide customized training for each user and administrator to help stabilize.

To optimize process flow management, we used Kanban board on Jira, and Confluence templates & macros for enterprise knowledge management.

The customer chose a strategy to reduce user discomfort caused by system changes by applying an initial pilot period to prepare for stabilization. Customers applied Flexible User License app to maintain it as the optimal user tier and to increase the user tier only when necessary. By responding effectively to increase of users, customers saved IT costs.

In addition, Flexible User License produce the scheduling functions that allow you to maintain a set user license at all times. Administrators could also improve convenience by eliminating the need for monitoring.

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