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Flexible Space Navigation for Confluence

Easily navigate the space tree on your Confluence page!

Create a custom top menu across multiple spaces, Find a space tree on any page.

Flexible User License 
for Jira/Confluence

Flexible User License is an app that optimizes
costs through automated license management.

Calculate how much
you can reduce your cost. 

Atlassian pricing is based on user tiers, so there may be a gap with actual users. Based on your current license tiers and the number of actual users, we suggest an Atlassian tier optimized for your organization and the cost you can save.

Who need it?

If the number of users
changes frequently

If there are many
disabled users

If the number of users exceeds the limit

Why Flexible User License?

34% Cost Reduction

Flexible user licenses can save 34% on average compared to user tier upgrades. No need to purchase additional licenses even though the number of users exceeds the license usage of the purchased plan.

Global Enterprise Clients 

Proven accountable by our large enterprise clients in areas such as IT, manufacturing and finance.

Who need it?

Users who want to easily find and customize
Confluence Spaces and Pages

Confluence administrators who wish to designate the main page of Confluence as favorites/bookmarks in orgarnization.

Why Flexible Space Navigation?

Quick access to information through structured menus 

Through structured menu organization and bookmaking feature, users can quickly find and access the desired information via the intuitive navigation menus of Confluence Space and Pages.

Easier and more convenient Confluence

By utilizing Space Navigation, users can categorize Confluence Spaces and Pages to create sub-menus, making it easier and more convenient for users to leverage Confluence effectively.

Key Features

Hierarchical structure settings between Spaces allow you to see the Space tree at a glance.
  • Everyone can easily find all Spaces, Pages, and external links through the top menu.
  • Space Navigation can be found anywhere in Confluence.
Space Navigation provides a customizable Navigation Tree and bookmarking feature.
  • An administrator can enhance the role of the intranet by setting key Space/Page as favorites or bookmarks.
  • It can structure all Spaces and sub-menus in Confluence according to company organization such as departments, business lines, and subsidiaries.
  • A personalized menu bookmark is available via CQL for individual preferences.
Highly flexible style and theme settings
  • Use drag & drop to customize menu styles/themes.
  • Easy setup and configuration

Global enterprises
trust our app

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